The two sides of me.

When it comes to fitness, when it comes to weight loss, there are two sides to me. I wear two faces.  And it goes a little bit like this.

I don’t want to get up at this time in the morning and go to training. Why on earth am I doing this. I have had ENOUGH.

Oooohh, I’m in the gym and I feel AWESOME.

I really hate running.

I feel like going for a run.

(At a running event on the line). Why am I here?  WHY? I hate running.

(Afterwards). Yeay, that was awesome!

I definitely don’t need any new gym clothes. I have a lot of gym clothes.

Look at those fabulous leggings.  Buy all the things!

I am strong. I have willpower.


It doesn’t matter what I weigh. This is not the most important measure of my success.

I have put a pound on!!!!! WTAF?

I can Zumba like a boss.

*looks in mirror* I have no co-ordination whatsoever. I look like a frolicking chimpanzee.

Protein, protein, protein.


I totally need a rest day. They are really important to let your  muscles recover.  Today will be a rest day.

I can’t stop thinking about going to the gym.

I feel great when I eat good, clean food. I feel rubbish when I eat junk.  So I will do the former.


Le sigh.

10 Things that happen when you begin exercising….

… that you might not expect.

  1. You will get very keen on sports clothing and will suddenly be prepared to spend money once dedicated to shoes and handbags on swanky looking gym wear.
  2. You will feel like you are spending half your life washing and drying this swanky looking gym wear.
  3. You learn a whole new terminology and embrace your inner geek. Who knew what over-pronating was until you go for an analysis of your running style?
  4. Some of your other not so healthy habits disappear along the way with very little awareness, as your exercise and improved lifestyle spills out into other parts of your life.
  5. You will get called boring by friends and family who aren’t interested in exercise, when you don’t order a desert, only have the one glass of wine, and so on.
  6. You will sleep like a baby.
  7. You will begin to care about the elusive Personal Best. Quite a bit, actually.
  8. You will realise it is entirely possible to get stuck in a sports bra.
  9. You will be willing to get up in the morning to do strange things like go to a parkrun, even if it means leaving a nice warm bed.
  10. There are few better feelings than realising your body can do something that it couldn’t do just a few weeks ago.