Back in the game. 

It’s been a while since I had this feeling. That feeling in the morning. When you wake up andbegin to move and your body aches everywhere. Your muscles are sore. DOMS, as they call it in the trade. 

To me, that feeling always meant I’d worked hard. Pushed myself. It meant progress. On a technical level, muscle soreness means that you have caused damage to your muscles. Tiny tears. And it is the repair of those same tears that gives you growth. 
I’ve blogged before about my recent struggle with the fitness stuff. Just months ago it defined me. It was, I thought, an established habit that could not be broken. But in recent months a whole host of life stuff has got in the way. On a practical level, a regular 90 mile commute to work does get in the way a little. And then there has been some illness in the family which has knocked me and my energy levels too. 

Distracted, the fitness stuff slowly slipped away. I derailed. 

But this week I am on holiday. There’s a pool and a gym. And I’m using them. I’m weaker than I used to be. Slower than before. 

But I am moving and I am lifting. 

The satisfying muscle soreness is back. And maybe my mojo too.