Back in the game (again)

Towards the end of last year, I blogged about how hard I was finding the fitness stuff.  How life stuff was getting in the way and I couldn’t find my energy.  I wondered if it has left me for good.  The desire, the ability, the need.

I made promises to myself.  I broke them all.


I have been running.

Not far.  Not far at all. I didn’t measure it.  That was just too big and scary.


I have had my running shoes on my feet.

I moved my body.  I felt the familiar rhythm of the run.

It was hard.

I ached, after just a short distance.  A mixture of feelings.  Elation that I did.  Sadness about how far I am from the girl that was, this time last year, training for a half marathon.

I’m not the person that I was.  But it is still there.  Somewhere.  Underneath.  I could feel it.

Ready to be reborn.